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Muslim Link Readers Submit Their Eid Photos
Not a Leaf Falls But He Knows It. The golden hues of autumn provide a soothing, tranquil backdrop to the parade of colors that is about to pass as thousands of well dressed Eid-goers arrive for a 10AM eid prayer in Prince George's County, Maryland. Photo by Arif Kabir.

Bonding with the Baltimore Brothers. Baltimore friends youth pose for a shot after salah on Eid day at the Islamic Society of Baltimore. Pictured from right to left are Haris Qudsi, Umar Saleem, Talha Ali, Zawar Mehdi , Yasir Rafi , Naveed Ahmed, and Abdul Mateen .Submitted by Haris Qudsi.

It's Eid?! Allahu Akbar! 2-year old Zara Hasnain is excited about going to ICCL (Laurel Masjid) for Eid prayers in her shiny red Eid regalia. Submitted by Muhammad Khawar Hasnain.

A Panorama of Diversity (Captured with 360 Panorama in 21.5 seconds.)At the joint Prince George's county eid in Upper Marlboro, Maryland hosted by the Prince George's Muslim Association, area Muslims listen to the Eid khutbah given by PGMA's Imam Ahmad Azzaari under the open and slightly chilly sky. Submitted by Muhammad Shameem.

Family Time Cousins meet up after the Eid prayer at a rented hall in Maryland. From right, Karim Bekka, his cousin Tariq Bekka, and his sister Nora-Iman Bekka. Submission by Khalid Bekka.

Twice the Happiness, Twice the Chill Factor Friends of the same name meaning “happiness, tranquility, and ease” find each other on Eid day. From right, Na'im Bashir and Naeem Baig. Photo by Arif Kabir

Taking His Son for a Spin Sri Darma Krida gives his son Ibrahim a helicopter ride at the outdoor all-Prince George's County, Maryland eid prayer. Like many immigrants, Krida's immediate family is back home in Indonesia, so he celebrates Eid with his friends from the Muslim community