MD Muslim Murdered In Home, Attackers at Large

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On the blustery winter 29th night of December, 2016, Khalil Abdul Wiggins (Muhammad) was murdered in his home of five years in Capitol Heights, MD. His last words were the shahadah. Within a span of a year his family, well known in the DC Metro, suffered the loss of a father, Abdul Mujeed Muhammad, one of the founders of Islamic Research and Humanitarian Service Center of America (IRHSCA) and two brothers. He was Jamal Muhammad’s brother.

Wiggins is remembered for his big smile and happy demeanor. An outgoing and had a presence about himself and positive energy. It made the people who knew him felt his presence. He was also a local rapper who shot to fame in the 1990s as Big Lyl or Montana from Section 8 Mob. He is known as a legend in the District.

It is a sad time for family. He was born in Northwest DC, He was a compassionate man, who felt for the weak, poor, children and elderly. He was guardian of small children- his wife’s grand daughters and taking care of him, including making efforts to homeschool them. He is survived by a son.

“[In the] last couple of years, he was turning back to the deen and would make dua for the people of Syria and other oppressed people on his social media. He cared deeply for the youth and elderly. He was one of the favorite uncles in the family of over 40 kids. MashaAllah. “He was a gift giver,” said his older brother, Jeyone Muhammad.
The family does not believe that it was an ambush. “He uplifted people and was not argumentative; he was a problem solver and mediated disputes,” says Jeyone.
He thinks it was young men who thought Wiggins had money in his house. “[These] people assumed,” says Jeyone with a heavy heart. “Khalil was able close the door and they shot through the door and into him,” he shares. Witnesses at the scene say that there were three masked people. The children witnessed him shutting the door and they saw him beginning to pray as soon he got shot.

“He moaned and then started repeating his prayers,” says Jeyone. “As a family we take comfort in that - it was gift from Allah. He died defending his home. A hadith who dies defending his property get the death of martyr,” he says, reminding himself.

“Make dua for him and make dua for us as a family,” asks Jeyone. The Muhammad family plans to do a sadaqa jariah in his name. “If there is a masjid that need a wudu station made or repaired, that is something that we want to do on his behalf,” says Jeyone on behalf of his family.

It is a quiet residential area, with elderly residents, not a crime infested area. None of the other neighbors heard anything else. "There were three masked suspects that were involved in this incident, so we're asking for the public's help," Prince George's County Police Cpl. Lamar Robinson said to NBC Washington. "If they have any information, you can remain anonymous."

Anyone with information for homicide detectives is asked to call 301-772-4925. Tips may be made anonymously by calling 866-411-TIPS, sending a text message to CRIMES that begins with PDPD or visiting police are looking for suspects- a cash award of $25,000 was announced.

Masjid and musallahs can contact Jeyone Muhammad 240-354-7675 or at