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Dar Al-Hijrah Aims for $1M Waqf in Ramadan PDF Print E-mail
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Community News - Community News
Written by Hena Zuberi, Muslim Link Staff Reporter   
Friday, 17 April 2015 23:40

Dar-al-hijrah Founded in 1983, Dar al Hijrah Islamic Center has always been a leader in the North Virginia Muslim community, from a thrift shop on site to being the first in the area to set up an after hours emergency shelter for the unhoused.

Now they have set another example for Muslim communities nationwide by establishing a waqf fund for the center, with a goal of reaching a million dollars by Ramadan 2017 following the footsteps of ADAMS Center. The ADAMS Endowment Fund (AEF) was established in 2011 and is chaired by Omar Ashraf.

Dar Al-Hijrah's first endowment dinner was a great success, according to the center—donations and pledges of $307,000 were collected reaching the first year goal.

The establishment of waqf is an honored tradition in Islam, which is the main reason for taking on this project. A waqf for drinking water was established in Madinah after the Prophet wanted to drink water from a well in Madinah, but he was put off by the high retail price. He called on Muslims to buy the well and render the water free for everybody. Uthman bin Affan  (May Allah have mercy on him) purchased the well at Rumah and made it free for everyone.

The board explored why Dar Al-Hijrah should have an endowment, a fund that is made up of gifts and bequests that are subject to a requirement that the principal be maintained intact and invested to create a source of income for an organization.  Think of a nonprofit’s endowment as a savings account, which can never be touched. Experts suggest at least three times operating costs for a successful endowment.

They concluded that an endowment helps diversify an organization's income and reduces dependency and can be comforting for donors as it shows planning and confirms that the organization plans on being around for a long time. DAH knows it will bring more resources to fulfill an organization’s mission and can use its income to help fund core expenses that project funding often overlooks.

The community is gearing up to use the waqf fund as a vehicle to attract, through planned giving, a greater proportion of the pending and very large inter-generational transfer of wealth to go to the Islamic center. Endowments are known to promote long term organizational financial planning and can help be a catalyst for other strategic and organizational changes enhancing an institution’s adaptive qualities.

“With your continuous support and prayers, we are on our way to insuring that our institution will be on a solid financial foundation to provide for the needs of our future generations,” noted the board members in an email to the community.

ADAMS Wins Top MAP Girls Basketball Trophy PDF Print E-mail
Community News - Community News
Written by Ayanna Miranda   
Friday, 17 April 2015 14:57

map-bball-trophey The 2nd Annual Muslim Athletic Program (MAP) Girls Basketball Program was hosted by the Islamic Society of Baltimore (ISB) on April 11, 2015.

Tournament play was round-robin style. The championship game wrapped-up with a 33-05 victory for Team ADAMS against the lioness hearted Team Blair. The intensity never waivered throughout the 30 minutes of hoop to hoop basketball. Team Blair’s defense was strong forcing 5 ADAMS turnovers. Although Team ADAMS came away with a victory, Team Blair did not disappoint the crowd with play until the final buzzer. Team Blair’s record for the tournament; 40-25, 26-21, and 05-33. Team ADAMS record for the tournament; 27-23, 25-40, and 33-05. The local Lady Shooters did their part to keep the crowd cheering with come-back runs in their games during the tournament. However, the team had two losses of 21-26 and 23-27. The tournament included a championship game for ages 8-12 that concluded their spring basketball session. Team Green was victorious over Team Blue with a score of 26-06. Although there were fewer teams than 2014, the tournament was highly competitive and the excitement palatable throughout.

Yemeni-Americans Stranded In Civil War Say US Abandoning Them PDF Print E-mail
Community News - Community News
Written by Hena Zuberi, Muslim Link Staff Reporter   
Friday, 10 April 2015 23:49


front-smalFatimah Aulaqi  is not receiving congratulatory messages on the phone from her relatives these days.

Imam of Masjid Al-Haram to Judge ADAMS Qur'an Competition PDF Print E-mail
Community News - Community News
Written by Muslim Link Staff   
Friday, 10 April 2015 23:38

ADAMS Center in Sterling  will host a national Quran competition "Voices of the Quran" on May 9-10, 2015.

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