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ISNA, Islamic Development Bank Offer Interest-Free Student Loans PDF Print E-mail
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Community News - Community News
Written by Wafa Unus, Muslim Link Staff Reporter   
Thursday, 14 June 2012 10:59



Students in the United States face more than one trillion dollars in student loans. As the cost of a college education continues to grow, more young twenty somethings find themselves struggling to find employment with tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Despite the statistical fact that a college education is a good investment over the course of one’s lifetime, the prospect of crushing debt drives some away from traditional college educations all together.

For those who can’t afford to pay for college, but decide to attend it, the prospects of a prosperous life after graduation can often be delayed by a decade. Even with financial aid and loan options, interest rates can mean big fees.

Scholarships provide students with money they are not required to pay back but must earn through distinguished academic or athletic accomplishments. While some scholarships are aimed at the underprivileged, many in need are forced to turn to high interest loans. For those who receive well paying jobs out of college, repaying loans may not be a problem but for the reported 50% of graduates who are unemployed or underemployed, the price of their four years of education can cost them a lifetime of financial stress.

In response the growing student debt as well as in line with the Islamic principle of avoiding interest, The Islamic Society of North America and the Islamic Development Bank created a unique interest-free loans option for college students

The loans are offered as fifteen thousand dollar annual scholarships to college students enrolled or intending to enroll in medical sciences or engineering. The money is then repaid by the student, without interest, to the scholarship fund in installments thus replenishing the fund for future loans.

Applicants eligible for the scholarship must have show both academic success as well as financial need.

While these loans are particularly lucrative for Muslim students who are seeking interest-free options to finance their increasingly costly educations, even those without religious obligation to avoid interest payments find that the option is far more practical and plausible for them as well.

Other faith-based groups, as well as individual foundations have begun to provide interest-free loans to students, such as the International Association of Hebrew Free Loans. Though some loans are restricted by geographical region, others like The Bill Raskob Foundation offer interest free loans to students around the country.

With a new class of incoming college freshman around the corner, this generation of students may find scholarship and loan applications more valuable than their college applications.

Comments (13)
  • Syed Akbar  - Inquiry
    Assalamualaikum, I want to know if you provide Educational Loans to International Muslim Students ? I am in urgent need of 9,058.81 USD, Please get back to me as soon as possible. Regards, Syed Akbar.
  • mohammed rifkhan  - about taking interest free loan
    assalamu alaikum.iam rifkhan from srilanka.i wish to do medicine in our country. so will you able to pay me for this as a interest free loan
  • Khalid Alzubi  - Khalid Alzubi Debtal School
    Asalamualaikum, My name is Khalid Alzubi and I just got into dental school. I need a way to pay for school without interest. I was wondering if their is a way to get interest free student loans.
  • J  - Go to ISNA to ask your questions
    Assalaamu Alaikum, Brothers who are asking for loans, posting questions on this website will not get you any answers. Please go to the ISNA website (just type "ISNA" into a search engine) and contact them for your inquiries regarding applying for the student loans that was discussed in this article.
  • Shaikh Zakir Ahmed  - Interest free Education Loan for Indian Muslim stu
    Assalamu alaikum, We prepare students for GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL and guide them in securing admission in US university with maximum scholarships. This scholarship range between 50% to 80%. The remaining amount is to be bear by the parents. If interest free loan is provided for such students the burden on parents will be eased. Please guide us.
  • Syed A Ali  - College loan
    I am looking for interest free loan for my twin daughter's college bound a sum of $14000.00. Please email me detail and process that how can I apply for this loan. Thanks
  • Tom Golladay  - Request for more information
    I'm a recent convert to Islam and taking a Paramedic Course at Lake Michigan College. I got my first semester paid for, but the next semester I'll need assistance as it will take a little bit for my EMT license to process so I can work as an EMT and pay the rest of my education out of my own pocket with my employer reimbursing me afterward and then pay off my loan. I just need one semester of aid as I roll over into the field in Grand Rapids as an EMT at first then a Paramedic and then finally as a Paramedic Supervisor.
  • A.shajahan  - want loan for fire and safety cource
    Assalamualikum, Dear sir/madam i want to studying (DIPLOMA IN FIRE AND SAFETY COURCE) it is 5 month duration cource, in the (NATIONAL ISTITUTE OF FIRE ENGINEERING ACADEMY AT CHENNAI IN KILPAKAM) .The cource fees is totaly Rs.89,899/- .am came to middle class poor family,my father was a auto driver.please help me for studying this cource. plesae help me for finance support. THANK YOU.
  • Fathima Rinoza Kanani  - Need information about how to qualify for the stud
    Salams.. I am a green card holder in USA & I'm currently working , I have the USA High school diploma & planning to do my degree . Plz give me information Regarding how can I qualify for the students loan . Jazakhallah .
  • ahmed shuriye  - how to apply
    where can i contact you guys ? can you please provide contact information and how to apply for this loan. thanks
  • Abdullai Fatau  - request for loan
    please i am a Ghanaian student who has gained admission into a Chinese medical university and would like you grant me a loan in order to make up this opportunity.Would you help me?
  • Venecia  - Loans for Women over 50
    As-Salaamu=Alaikum, Do you provide loans for women over 50 is returning to school for graduate studies?
  • Saminu Abba Muhammad  - Looking for admission
    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. My name is Saminu Abba Muhammad, i live in Kano, Nigeria and i am looking for the way to complete my study. I need your help to please offer me your loan. Thank you.
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