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Dedicated to Qur'an, 15-Year Old Inspires Peers PDF Print E-mail
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Community News - Community News
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 09 August 2012 08:25

In this issue of the ADAMS Youth Newsletter, we are featuring a unique and talentedyoung man from the community. Abdullah ibn Sameer Ahmad, a 15 year old, is known at ADAMS with a blessed talent.



Source: “ABDULLAH AHMAD – QURAN PRODIGY” in the ADAMS Youth Newsletter, August 6, 2012

In this issue of the ADAMS Youth Newsletter, we are featuring a unique and talentedyoung man from the community. Abdullah ibn Sameer Ahmad, a 15 year old, is known at ADAMS with a blessed talent.

While you may find him on the soccer field playing for the local Sterling soccer team, he could also be found around leading your prayer or giving the opening Quranic recitations for your event.

Abdullah can recite Quran with precise tajweed (rules for pronunciation during recitation of the Quran) and can even emulate the recitations of many famous reciters. Although as a child he didn’t aspire to be an Imam, it was a title he began to obtain as early as age 10. When Abdullah was 9, his parents introduced the idea of pursuing memorization and recitation of the Quran. With his father’s encouragement and incentives, Abdullah began the journey to finish the memorization of the Quran. At 10 years old, Abdullah led the recitation for a fundraising dinner for the first time, by age 12 he was leading taraweeh prayers. That same year ICNA held a tajweed competition and despite the age requirements being from 14-25, they let the 13 year old Abdullah compete, and he came out with first place.

At age 13, Abdullah went to Iowa to lead at a masjid there full-time for ten days. He says he, “felt the pressure that Imams feel and it definitely was an experience that I won’t forget.”

In August 2011, Abdullah became the 1st official graduate of Tahfiz al Qur’an School at ADAMS. Although the school had produced hafizh before, Abdullah set a new precedence by staying an extra 8 months and fulfilling all requirements and being the first to officially receive a diploma /certificate of completion from the program. Although we could label Abdullah as a Hafizh he doesn’t believe he’s done yet. “He does not even like to be introduced as a hafizh. He believes that he has to have it much stronger before he will claim to have the Qur’an in his chest. He would like to go overseas in pursuit of ijazah and to strengthen his tajweed and hifzh.”

At the Muslim Inter Scholastic Tournament (MIST) Abdullah won first place in tajweed in both 2011 and 2012 regionals and finals. He said, “My time at MIST was really fun and exciting. The best thing I think about MIST is making friends from different countries and even regions across the nation.” He taught Tajweed at the Fawakih Institute this summer while taking the Summer Intensive Arabic Program. His family also enjoyed MIST and got to visit Canada at the MIST nationals. “He has set precedence in our home and insha Allah his love for the Qur’an and its recitation seeps down to the other siblings.”

MashAllah Abdullah has accomplished so much in his life so far, and inshAllah he continues to be successful in his future. It’s no simple process achieve so much. Abdullah spends an average of 3 hours a day reviewing. In Ramadan, he stays up after Taraweeh till Suhur reviewing, and the next day at least 4-5 hours. That’s all he does during the day and “the responsibility is great”. Abdullah is currently leading taraweeh in Philadelphia at a local masjid with his cousin. He said leading taraweeh, “is very challenging and there is a lot of pressure to it but the reward is much greater”.

While many teens are just chilling at the mall or spending hours on Facebook, Abdullah is focused on the Quran. He doesn’t really see himself as a full time imam down the road, “but a part time imam insh Allah”. He has worked hard, and he has made the achievements to prove it. His commitment is admirable. At the end of the day he is still a teenager, with his passion for soccer, and as his sister put it, “for all his Masha Allah Masha Allah he is still the family clown at home”. His family has been supportive since day one and we pray that Allah blesses them all inshAllah. Abdullah’s mom mentioned “It is beautiful to see your children become adults, human beings in their own right, and as a mother when I pray behind him I just pray for him” and we pray all the youth blossom into such accomplished beings as Abdullah has mashaAllah. Abdullah thanks not only his family, but also his school and the many teachers that have guided him to where he is today, and most importantly Allah Subhanahu wa ta'aala May Allah keep guiding Abdullah as he continues with his life and may his story help us in our own lives as we hope to succeed in that which we set our mind to. Everything is by the will of Allah Subhanahu wa ta'aala, so inshAllah we can be the youth of this Ummah that succeed in ways that please Allah Subhanahu wa ta'aala. Ameen. Special thanks to Abdullah and his family for taking the time out of their busy schedules to help get his story out for the whole community to benefit from, JazzakAllah Khair. 

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