Richmond Father Murdered In His Store

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The late Muhammad Tayyab, above, was a regular at his local masjid. Muslims from the DC region took time off to participate in his janaza and burial (below). Photos courtesy of Richmond community members.



Rain pelleted down on the cold November day that Muhammad Tayyab was laid to rest to await his return to Allah. His funeral prayer was held at the  Islamic Center of Virginia after Dhuhr salah.

On November 24th, 2012, Br. Muhammad Tayyab was shot in broad daylight at his Food Mart on Erich Road in Northern Richmond in a robbery. He had run the store for 17 years and it was his main source of income.  Mourning his loss are his wife and 5 children, ranging in ages from 11 to 24 years, as well as the whole Muslim community in Richmond.

The night before he passed away, Br. Tayyab sat down with his son and talked about his life and journey from Pakistan. “He was like my best friend," said Sheroz Khan to a local newspaper, choking back on tears.  Relatives said Tayyab was the victim of attempted robbery and assault before, and they say it was his passion for people that kept him in business for 17 years.

The family of 59-year-old Mohammad Tayyab issued a desperate plea for anyone with information surrounding his murder to come forward.

"Crime has made us fear going out into the world," said Muhammad Tayyab's daughter, Zain Tayyab told Channel 9 news. "Someone came and took his life and he fought and provided for us until the day he died."  "It is really comforting to know that I wasn't the only one who loved my father," said Zain. "The community loved him very much. He didn't deserve to die that way. So if you know anything please come forward and help us."

The police has released surveillance video from back of the store. The images were taken around the time of the murder. Taib's cousin says the cameras were installed a couple years ago following multiple robberies and a shooting that left his leg seriously injured.  

"He was almost paralyzed from that," said Khan. "He could not walk properly for a year and a half."

No matter what he endured over the years, family says Tayyab was a dedicated business owner who put his family and friends before himself. According to the Islamic Society of Greater Richmond, many attended the funeral even though it was a week day. The janazah was followed by burial at the new Islamic cemetery in Colonial Heights. "Brother Tayyab is the first Muslim to be buried at this new cemetery," reads a statement by the Islamic Center of Virginia.

We make dua for him and his family, and encourage the community to come forward to show support to brother Tayyab's family.