ISB Golden Age Committee Hopes for More Community Involvement

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Baltimore, MD--The Golden Age Committee of Islamic Society of Baltimore held its monthly meeting/dinner program on December 12, 2012 at 5:30 p.m. The main goal of the meeting was to bring its members up-to-date on the proposal for the senior residential facility, led by Dr. Khokhar and Brother Tufail.

The Golden Age Committee started this project three years ago and then took a break for a year due to insufficient commitments. They started up again this year when the community at Baltimore realized the importance of this project.

“For the last eight months more and more seniors from the community are stepping forward and attending our meetings,” Mr. Zulfiqar Baig, a regular committee member, voiced his appreciation. “We are so happy that people are starting to realize the importance of this issue and are willing to come forward to help, however, we still have a long way to go, and with the ISB community to help us, we can make this dream a reality.”

“The Islamic Society of Baltimore has been very generous to offer two residential houses behind the Al-Rahmah School to start our project,” Dr. Khokhar expressed his gratitude. “But we are looking for more than just that; our plan is greater than just 2 home units and we can’t make it possible without your help,” he pointed out while speaking to the audience.

The meeting usually features recitation of the Quran by Brother Hossam, followed by two presentations, one reflecting Islamic knowledge and the other reflecting health issues faced by the senior citizens. Then the meeting usually opens the floor to the community members for questions and answers and further discussion on the senior activities.

This meeting featured a presentation on Hajj by Brother Hossam and Brother Tufail and a presentation on High Blood Pressure by Dr. Kulwant Singh Modi, a special guest attendee. After a short Q&A, a survey prepared by the Muslim Community Center and Montgomery County Muslim Foundation was passed out to the audience to get a better understanding of the needs of senior citizens. A dinner program followed the presentation on Muslim senior residential facility. Donations were collected at the end of the meeting.

The monthly meetings will resume starting next year and the committee is hoping to get more commitment from its community at ISB.