Anne Arundel Muslims Show Support for Republican County Executive Candidate

Community News
Davidsonville, MD—On Saturday, December 8,2012, the Anne Arundel County Muslim Council hosted a fundraiser dinner for the Republican Delegate, Steven R. Schuh, from District 31, for his County Executive office campaign. The dinner was hosted at Brother Sajid Chaudhry’s residence in Davidsonville.


The Anne Arundel County Muslim community came together to show their support for Steven Schuh and to learn more about the work he plans to do if elected as the County Executive for Anne Arundel County.

“I am thankful to the Muslim Community of Anne Arundel for showing their support and help in making this county better,” Delegate Schuh told guests gathered in the basement of Br. Chaudhry's home. “We want to continue to do more work for you to make this community better. We want to improve our cities, roads, school facilities, and private businesses. We want to work for you to help you make a better living in this county and in this state. Our Muslim community is a large part of our county and their help and efforts in this county can’t be appreciated enough.”

The Anne Arundel Muslim County Muslim Council’s President, Brother Rudwan Abu-Ruman, thanked the house host, Brother Chaudhry, for holding the dinner at his place and presented him with a gift to show his gratitude. He thanked  fellow board members and the Muslim community for coming out to show their support.

The President also recognized the fellow County councilmen, Dick Ladd from District 5 and John Grasso from District 2, both Republicans, at the dinner.

The AACMC members and the Muslim community mingled with each other and thanked the councilmen for making the Anne Arundel County a better place.