MISTastic 2013: Kick Starting the MIST Season

Community News



The annual Muslim Inter Scholastic Tournament (MIST) is an opportunity for high schoolers to come together and positively compete in an Islamic atmosphere. Competitions range from Quran recitation to art and short films. MISTastic is the pep rally held by the DC region to kick off the MIST season. It provides an intro for new MISTers and a reunion for those coming back for another year. As the high schoolers filed into the room, DC MIST Regional Director, Adam Kareem (pictured above), went around greeting the old and new MIST competitors.



When the competitions finally came to a close, the judges began to tally up the results. Teams waited patiently and truly reflected on the experience. At MISTastic it isn't all about the competition, it was about meeting new people and learning from one another. MIST gives students an opportunity to grow and express themselves in an Islam-rich environment, and for some students its one of the only times they get such an opportunity. Many thanks to the organizers of MIST, and May Allah bless them for all that they do for the youth in the community.



MISTastic serves as an opportunity for MIST teams to win points before the MIST weekend in April. This years MIST theme is "The Patience of Champions: Rising to a Better Self", and through MISTastic, students were able to put the theme into action. Through numerous competitions MISTers were tested both physically and mentally. One activity required teams to build an object written on a tiny slip of paper, the twist was that the teams couldn't speak. This activity tested the strength of teams as they learned to communicate without words. From stacking cups to seeing who could answer MIST history questions the fastest, MISTastic had it all. All photos courtesy of DC MIST.