PGMA Hosts Visiting Islamic Scholar

Community News
About 200 people attended Sheikh Muhammad Musa Al Shareef's lecture at Prince George's Muslim Association on April 2, 2013 which was centered on the peaceful way Islam was spread around the world, especially Africa. The sheikh gave the examples of the early Muslims, Islam was spread alcross the world.  He encouraged the Muslims in America to lead by example. He said that if only 10% of the Muslims in America reached out to the members of this society with dialogue and proper actions, we can have the same effect as the early Muslims with Allah's help. Sheikh Musa stressed that Islam is misunderstood in America and the West, and that if the American public knew the truth about Islam they would be accepting the deen, as in the early days.After about an hour's interesting talk, many times infused with good humor, Sheikh Musa took questions from the brothers gathered at the masjid and answered questions as diverse as the group gathered there. He encouraged the Muslims in America to do more than just focus on our jobs, homes and families  and to spend time working for our Islam in this country.

Sheikh Musa, who is an Assistant Professor at the King Abdul Aziz Univeristy, shared the story of a Kuwaiti pediatrician who had spent a lot of his time building masajid, Islamic universities, wells, and spreading Islamic knowledge in the continent of Africa. This doctor spent time with his practice, but made time to spread dawah to Africa.  He reminded us to go out in the community and talk about our Islam with our fellow Americans, as we who live here, are blessed with many opportunities to spread Islam by interaction and our examples of proper behavior and kindness to our community members.He also recommended that we can get small booklets on Islam and give them to co-workers, cashiers, and people in the general community with whom we come in contact with.   He said that maybe that booklet may change the life of that person, or a family member of the person who received the booklet. He stressed that Islam is for everyone, not just for Arabs, and that we should be Muslim because we know about Islam, not just because of our forefathers.  We must be active in our Islam, not take it for granted. He spoke about the Arab spring and was optimistic about Islam in the Muslim countries. Photos and Captions by Safeer Sabr