Former Pakistani Pop Star Helps Raise Funds for School

Community News

On Friday March 15, 2013, Islamic Center of Frederick arranged an fundraising event for Dar ul Uloom New York. The keynote speaker was former Pakistani popstar Junaid Jamshed, who gave up is lucrative music career for a life of dawah.

The evening started with Maghrib Prayers led by Shaikh Hasan Abunar and after the prayer Shaikh Hasan recited verses of Quran with tafseer.  He is a world renowned qari and has judged Quran recitations competitions all around the world. Later, he was joined by Khalid Mahmood who presented a few nasheeds.

After fundraising and Isha prayers, Junaid Jamshed spoke about his journey from a music icon to a devotee of Islamic work. The crowd was moved by his experience. After the program, Jamshed autographed CDs, the proceeds of which went to Dar ul Uloom. The evening ended with dinner. (Photo by Haroon Khan)