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Community News

It seems the more the Muslim community builds, they more they have to build.

Despite completing their new masjid just a few years ago, the Islamic Society of the Washington Area is already working hard to alleviate Friday and Ramadan parking congestion by adding more parking space.


At a May 4, 2013 fundraising dinner at ISWA, President of the ISWA board Zamal Housein (directly above) said the community is trying to add 100 parking spaces. To do that, they need Montgomery County to grant them an environmental exception. Montgomery County is known to be very strict when it comes to environmental issues and development.

The goal for the dinner -- themed "Supporting Charity, Civic Engagement, Education, and Youth" -- was $50,000.


Imam Faizul Khan pointed out ISWA's key role in educating the children of the community so they can keep their religious identity. Two young examples delighted the crowd with surahs they memorized at ISWA.  Maryam Sosmoth (directly above) memorized 20 surahs, while Abdullah Tour (at the top) memoirized 2 surahs.

After a keynote address from Imam Bashar Arafat and fundraising by Yusuf Slitine, guests enjoyed dinner after maghrib prayers.