Howard Muslims Help Community Live Well

Community News
A small ad in the Columbia Flyer lured Steve Baum to the Living Well Health Fair. On April 27th 2013, approximately one hundred and fifty people and fifty volunteers attended this year's health fair to get a checkup.

Baum has insurance but doesn't get the time to make the several appointments needed to see the different specialists, so he loved the opportunity of taking care of all is needs in one place, at one time.
The Health Fair was held in at the Howard County General Hospital Sponsored by the Howard County Muslim Council.

Member of the Board of Directors, Rashid Shourbaja, is a former president of the council. He has been with the council since it started 11 years ago. "Being in collaboration with the hospital helped us, they provided the space for us," he said. However, the change in venue and limited access attributed to the lower attendance.

Women for Empowerment, the real estate team of Bob Lucido and the Horizon foundation co- sponsored the fair. "We have the same values, the same interests to make Howard County a better place for everyone," said Anwer Hasan, president of the Howard County Muslim Council.


This is the tenth year of the health fair.  Samina Chowdhury was one of the organizers.

Alberta Workman, R.N. and Elizabeth Gier, R.N. from the Wellness Center at HoCo General were volunteering for the first time hosted the blood pressure booth around 140 people  had their blood pressure tested . "Quite a few had high blood pressure, enough to be concerned," said Gier. The attendees were receptive to the nurses advice to reduce spices, salt and make an effort to lose weight.

A large room was set with tables as booths and each specialist manned their booth; infectious disease specialists, dental surgeons, cardiologists, child specialists. A separate room was reserved for visions and hearing screening. THealth Fair focused strongly on providing knowledge and  awareness of early detection of illnesses.

Conversations with the specialists about health care reform confirmed confusion and lack of information on the impact that it will have on their medical practices. " It is like a large cloud Dr. Imran Chowdhury, an infectious disease specialist,

"I am a tremendous supporter of universal healthcare. It is appalling that some people in this day and age have no access to healthcare. European countries do a much better job taking care of its citizens," said Baum.