Islam As My Major: Can My Career Benefit My Deen?

Community News

The UMBC Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) hosted an event entitled “Islam As My Major: Can My Career Benefit My Deen?” The purpose of the event was to offer deeper insights into how Deen remains an integral part of our lives, regardless of the path we take along the route to higher education or in our future careers. Alhamdulillah, the event which took place the evening of November 20th, 2013 was a successful finale to conclude the Fall semester.

With over 150 attendees, this was the largest event turnout in recent history of the UMBC MSA, a true accomplishment, which many people have benefitted from in’sha Allah. There were numerous presentations done by a very diverse group of experienced professionals, including an activist, doctor, lawyer, humanitarian, event stylist, psychologist, police officer, writer, engineer, and students. The event concluded with a nice dinner, followed by a summary of take-away messages from lSB’s Resident Scholar, Shaikh Yaseen.

We compiled the following list of take-away points: 1) Always remember Allah. Renew and purify your intentions. 2) Remember that Allah is always watching. The main goal, even when working, is to please Allah. Remember that at the end, everything you do will be accounted for on Yawm al Qiyama.  3) We learned to use our talents for the sake of Allah. Deen is a way of life, so include it everywhere even when you’re working. Always make time for Allah. Gain knowledge in order to gain understanding. 4) Don’t worry about the future; do your part and trust Allah. Make time to help others, for it is in fact helping you. Don’t stop learning Islamic knowledge.
Afia Ahsan is the Secretary of the UMBC MSA. Nohaa Aqeel is a member of the UMBC MSA.