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The ADAMS-Ashburn branch held an open house on Sunday, December 22, 2013 for aproposed property for expansion, located on 21740 Beaumeade Circle, Unit 120 in Ashburn, Virginia.

This location is adjacent to the current center in a flex building located in center of Ashburn Industrial Space, built in 2005. A branch of the Al Ummah Halal Bazaar chain is also located nearby. “We are leasing current location from BCRC, a Jewish reform congregation, we have established a great interfaith relationship with our friends at BCRC and CFC (one of the largest Christian Fellowship Church in Loudoun County),” says S. Akhtar Alam, Chair-ADAMS-Ashburn and a former Board Member All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS).

This location is familiar to the community and being next to the current facility will ease the relocation.

“During summer months we have four Friday prayers, and three during winter months, and for Taraweeh prayer we have been renting a hall, hopefully, our own large space will take care of this also, InshaAllah,” shares Alam.

The community will use the space for daily salah, multiple sessions of Jumuah to accommodate the growing population of Muslims in the area, Taraweeh as well as the weekend school and adult Quran classes.  Muslims in the area would love to see daily day and evening education sessions and if permits are granted a Daycare/Pre-school on site.

According to Alam, the increase in Muslim population in Ashburn area, especially in the last few years has been tremendous. The community needs a larger space and multipurpose use property to have activities for all age groups. “There are a lot of Muslims here and we need our own place in Ashburn,” says I. Khalid, a resident of the area.

The total project will cost $2.2 million for a combined 13,000 sq ft of total space. The current center which is on leased property is approx. 4000 sq. ft of finished space. According to plans this will be added to the 9,000 sq ft at the proposed location, pending fundraising, county permits and approvals.

The community needs to raise $1.2 million by January 30, 2013 to buy the unfinished space. By May 2014, $300,000 is needed to build out the center on the new site.

Part 2 of the project will require $700,000 to buy the current location with some modifications. The board hopes to complete the project by July 2014.

From one time donations to 5-year interest free loans, there are the many ways that those who want to help with this project can participate.

“This was a good opportunity for our community to come and visit this proposed property,” says Alam.  The center is planning a big event, the ADAMS-Ashburn Winter Festival on Sunday, January 11, 2013 and is inviting Muslim businesses and vendors for this event.