Finish Line In Sight for Germantown Masjid

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Taking advantage of the mild winter, work on the Islamic Society of Germantown masjid is progressing. As of December, the floor slab with a Wire Mesh is laid and erection of steel structure will happen soon. The elevator shafts and entrance are solid structures.

The goal to finish the construction is $900,000, ISG raised $50,000 in November and a little over $60,000 in December. $790,000 is still left to complete the goal. The board hopes to have an influx of funds as last minutes donation come in, with the year 2014 winding down. It has been a long road for the Germantown Muslims but the finishline is clear view and they need help to get to it.

The center, at 19825 Blunt Road, is approx. 10,000 square feet, in three levels, including women's and men's prayer halls, a commercial kitchen, and classrooms.

The model display of the structure can be viewed at the Iman Learning Center. “The display is to show our plan for 2014,” says board member Emrul Islam. It shows the construction stages-- step by step-- with cost for each contract and starting dates. “Transparency is our mission in order to complete the masjid by 2014 inshaAllah. And asking the community to share with us our mission,” comments Imam Najjar, who has been overseeing the project.














The youth of ISG set up a social media page and are getting pumped up about their new center with bumper stickers and calendars.