Muslim Students Shine at the Annual Prince George's Area Science Fair

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Boys_PGSeveral area Muslim Students won top prizes in the 66th Annual Prince George's Area Science Fair held on April 5, 2014 at the Charles Herbert Flowers High School in nearby Springdale, Maryland.

Approximately 290 students participated in the Junior division from grades 6 to 8, and approximately 242 participated in the Senior division from grades 9 through 12.  With 17 categories ranging from Animal Sciences, through Chemistry, Microbiology, Physics and Astronomy and Environmental Sciences as well, the halls at Flowers High School were abuzz with students presenting their projects and research to judges and audience members in attendance.

From left: Hussein Aligabi, Adel Hassan, and Abdul Rahman Abdullahie.

Students hailed from Prince George’s County and nearby Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties’ Public, Private, Charter and Parochial schools, and they represented a diverse student population, with one common goal in mind – to take the top prizes.

Among the crowds were familiar faces of the Muslim students of Al-Huda School, Roosevelt High School, and other nearby schools.  While all who participated in the Science Fair were winners, some students were recognized with awards.

Winning the Grand Award for the Category of Animal Sciences (Seniors) were  brother and sister team, Yousuf and Sarah Asfari for “A Comparative Analysis of the Physicochemical Properties of Bio-Repellents for Tetramorium Caespitum.”

Al-Huda High School Boys, Hussein Aligabi, Adel Hassen, and AbdulRahman Abdullahi received an honorable mention for their project “Breaking News: Enzyme Reactions are Rising” in the Biochemistry category.

Al-Huda tenth grader Zahra Aligabi won second  place for “Can genetics lead to genetic mutation?” while her sister in grade eight Ayah Aligabi won second place and best presentation award for “Renewable Energy.”



Left: 7th Grader Sumaya Shameem.

From the same family, Nufatimeh Aligabi in grade 7 won second place, and the first place US Patent and Trademark Award for “Antifunguy.”

Among the other winners from Al-Huda School and nearby communities were: Rama Al-Shalabi for “Efficiency of Ferrofluid in Cleaning Oil Spill”; Najat Abdella “Can You Hear That?”; Laila Ahmed for “Windspeed”; Ahlam Askhar and Raneem Saleh for “Take it or Leave it”; Zohaa Awan for “Pain, Pain, Go Away”; Huma Choudhury for “1-800-Nano Cleaners”; Muna Hassen for “Investigation of Iodine Value for Biodiesel Fuels”; Amina Iro for “The Effect of Time on the N400”; Sumaya Shameem for “Can You Desalinate Water Using Solar Power?”; and Muhammad Zakaria for “Rock Sizes’ Effect on Car Speeds on Slopes.”

All in all, our young Muslim students continued the traditions of the early Muslim scientists in excelling in the area of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. May Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala reward them, their parents and their teachers for all the effort spent towards the research and presentation necessary to make a good showing at the annual Science Fair.
















Top: 8th Grade Huma Chowdhury


(Note: there were many other students from our communities who participated in the Science Fair.  Due to time and space restrictions, we apologize for not listing everyone.)