Politically Incorrect


Bismillah, Alhamdulillah, wa salaat wa salaam alaa Rasoolillah

This is in response to the news article published in the Muslim Link's June 6, 2014 issue, "First Openly Gay Member of VA Assembly is 'Great Friend' of NOVA Muslims."

There now seems to be a general consensus that homosexual behavior is normal and acceptable and conversely, totally wrong to believe otherwise or to publically express as much. To make any statement contrary to full acceptance of homosexuality or to express any disdain for it is now officially "politically incorrect" and even viewed as a litmus test of one?s acceptance of diversity and embracement of the principle of universal civil rights.

With the US Supreme Court paving the way, statewide court rulings are trending in favor of gay marriages so much so that its legalization nationally no longer seems a matter of if, but when. It is ironic, that?no?states (except perhaps in Utah) recognize the legitimacy of polygyny - the marriage of one man to multiple wives - a practice that goes back millennia in several cultures. Thus, an American Muslim who may be lawfully married to more than one wife abroad where Islamic law is recognized cannot have his wives recognized in his homeland as a lawful "spouse". This effectively denies his family legal rights and privileges now enjoyed by homosexuals.

To put it succinctly, the turnaround of American?s views regarding homosexuality so dramatically within a short period seems nearly complete. One could not imagine the US President congratulating the first black, openly homosexual, professional basketball player and the first black, openly gay professional football draft pick just a few elections ago.

In authenticated statements of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu ?alaihi wa sallam we are informed of the signs of the approach of the Last Day such as illegal sexual intercourse becoming widespread and the number of men decreasing while the number of women increases, as well as the spread of diseases when people engage in acts of lewdness. It has also been foretold that the Muslims would follow those who preceded them in no uncertain and graphic terms.

Indeed, groups claiming to be Muslims are accepting and advocating the position that homosexuality is a natural occurrence and moreover, that it can be accommodated or accepted as a lifestyle within the bounds of Islam! Gay Muslim Associations that have popped up who are calling for the establishment of "Gay Mosques" in Canada and the US. With increased boldness homosexual advocacy and "human rights" groups are encouraging homosexuals who are suppressed in Muslim countries to ?come out? and put pressure on their various governments to drop "antiquated and repressive" measures and social strictures now present and to not just tolerate, but nurture this segment of society whose activities have historically been considered taboo.

Muslims are euphemistically called "fundamentalists" (i.e. extremists), and characterized as anti-woman, anti-freedom, anti-human rights and even anti-culture. ?Islamist? is now the new ?dirty? word with the denotation being one who believes in Islam. The implication is that Muslims who actually practice Islam are to be frightened of, dangerous and to be fought against. For the believer it is a sad and shameful state of affairs.

Now if a Muslim openly takes a stance that homosexuality is sinful, an abomination or deviance against the laws of God (Allah), he or she will be publicly excoriated (as have conservative Christians holding similar views). It may therefore seem much more strategic for Muslims in the public sphere to take a ?politically correct? stance that may in fact be in direct conflict with the established Islamic stance. The ingenuousness of this stance is problematic in itself. Yet the actual belief that homosexuality is acceptable behavior is more detrimental to one?s status as a believer in Islam.

There is an obvious double-standard in place where an attack and even ridicule ? not mere criticism which is to be expected ? is freely cast upon anyone advocating the Islamic view and tolerated or even encouraged, while mere criticism of the advocates of homosexual or LGBT rights is considered intolerance. It is so ironic that religious people in general, and Muslims in particular, are stereotypically characterized as intolerant and wanting to impose their views on the non-religious when in fact they are having the views and positions of others forced upon them.

Abu Abdillah writes from Washington, DC.