You stated that [the mosque] is supposed to be a place where you welcome new comers, but when you introduce this very pervasive but unfortunately very well placed fear My Comment : What about if some people in the Masjid did something unethically, UnIslamically that is and was intolerable to any society,. At the same time disseminates lies that destroys ones reputation. Not even outside but inside the Masjid. Of course such people carry on the name Islam with out deep conviction, but who ought to educate those illiterates at the same time think they own Allah,the Masjid and all places of worshippers? What kind of Islamic jurisdiction they carry in their soul? And why talk, chat, giggle, murky look inside the Masjid? And why not arrange prayer lines before the prayer? What happened to what Almighty said about in the prayer. I believe let first value the quality, the beauty and very meaning of what the 6236 verses of the Koran tells us. I believe lecturing, events, money collecting etc. doesn't heal the wounds we got since 9/11. Why individual Muslims sold their soul? When Individual Muslims berate, abuse, torment, humiliate, devour to another Muslim. All Muslims will suffer. When one claim sacred, 18/24 lecturing others, tells to follow he guidance of Allah but fails to honor the Allah, the curse lays in to all Muslims Let us clean our closest honestly, heartily and honor to Allah. And let us not not Assume or Judge by appearances. Assumptions and eight faces (Hypocrites) are among biggest sin one could commit And the victim will survive in the eyes of Allah, as long as the victim doesn't vindicate and has pure heart but the Masjids won't be blessed as long double standards around the area Patience 6236