aa, It would be nice to have such an effort that isn't attached to any Masjid or larger organization that is too diversified and not focused solely on a school. I attended the ICNA convention 2 weekends ago and went to a seminar on Islamic Education. Two of the speakers there that I caught were Debbie Al-Montaser (formerly of the Gibran Academy, a Arabic/English immersion school, google it if you don't know the politics behind it) and the other was Safa Zarzour (former prinicipal of the Universal School in Illinois). I was beginning to have doubt on the raison d'etre (purpose) of "Islamic" schools, but he made some convincing arguments. He spoke mostly on the legal aspects of Islamic schools (he had just finished his degree in law at DePaul) but before that he made an impassioned talk about the good things about Islamic schools and had 7 of his own kids in the school (6 daughters and 1 son), with 1 graduated from their last year and another this year). One questioner asked about whether to make their new school in Jamaica, NY independent of a masjid or within a masjid. He said he's seen all four cases, those with masjids that were well run and poorly run, those that were indepependently run, but well run and poorly run and as a lawyer, he joked he couldn't say yes or no, but it depends. So, I think Tarbiyah would be a nice first effort towards an independent line of schools in the area. I'm hopefull, iA.