Ethiopian-American Muslims Stage DC Protest Against Zenawi Government

Community News

On May 31st, 2012, Ethiopian Muslims in different parts of the World staged coordinated and successful demonstrations in support of the peaceful struggle of Muslims in Ethiopia.

Close to 5,000 Ethiopian Muslims in South Africa demonstrated in front of the Ethiopian Embassy in Pretoria while hundredth gathered in Geneva Switzerland demanding the Ethiopian government respect the constitution and the human right of its citizens.

In Washington, DC over a thousand showed up to support their Muslim brethren’s peaceful struggle against the government’s interference in the religious affairs of its people.

In Toronto Canada, similar protest took place demanding that the Ethiopian government respect the constitutional right of the Muslims while in Norway similar protest took place the next day. There are other Ethiopian Muslim communities that are planning to protest as well. Meanwhile, for the 16th Friday Ethiopian Muslims gathered in the millions across Ethiopia to demand justice and protest the interference of the government in their religious affairs by forcefully imposing the Ahbash sect on the Muslims. Ethiopian Muslims around the world including locally at the First Hijrah Ethiopian-American Muslim community in the Washington metropolitan area are gravely concerned about the Ethiopian government’s forceful imposition of the extremist religious sect which violates the constitutional rights of its citizens freedom of worship.

Ethiopian Muslims in the Washington DC region hope to meet with representatives from the United States State Department and other agencies involved in providing US taxpayer funded aid to the Ethiopian government to ask the US government to ensure US aid is not being used in violations of human rights.