ADAMS Offering Internships With Imam’s Office

Community News


The All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center is looking for three new interns to work part-time with the Office of the Imam, starting July 2nd, 2012. These interns will have the unique privilege of working under the supervision of Imam Mohamed Magid, in the fields of religion and non-profit management.

“There needs to be hands-on training for people who want to be imams,” explained Imam Magid. “This is good training in counseling, handling calls, how to keep an Islamic center clean. We don’t have an Islamic management course, so we felt this is the only way possible.” Even for those who do not plan on becoming imams in the future, this internship provides valuable work experience in the field of non-profit management. The most religious aspect of their education during this internship falls under the research and writing that they are required to do. They will be given topics to research that are Islamically related, and core tasks of being an imam. Examples of topics include how to conduct a janaza and how to advise against or discourage divorce.­

There are many responsibilities pertaining to this internship. Interns will be trained to do research and writing; handle media relations; plan for Ramadan; become skilled in administrative support, such as answering calls, filing, faxing, and data entry; and prepare for interfaith events.

Applicants for the job must be college undergraduates or graduates, with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, have excellent oral and written communication skills, be able to meet deadlines, and a sense of motivation and humor.

This is not the first time that the ADAMS Center has had interns; however, past internships dealt mainly with administrative responsibilities in the office. “This one is specifically for teaching religious affairs on a day-to-day basis,” Magid clarified. Religion takes the front-and-center position for the three interns, as they learn the extensive skill set that is required of imams today.

This internship differs from all the others in another way as well: while the administrative interns are there to help manage the Office of the Imam, these interns of Imam Magid are there solely for the benefit of gaining experience and attaining religious knowledge. “The goal is not to delegate tasks - for that we have assistants and an office manager -  but to train the interns,” stated Magid firmly.

“This is a pilot program - so it’s the first year we’re doing it - but inshaAllah we will continue doing it,” said Magid when asked about the future. “Our goal is to have another masajid do it as well.” All applicants with the requirements should definitely consider applying, as it may turn out to be a fruitful and scholarly way to spend the summer.”