A Letter to President Obama

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Dear President Barack Obama:

For all my life the US has been in war and more wars.  Our government has been taking our taxes and spending 51.6% on the military and 48.4% on everything else. The US is using technology on bombs and guns rather than peace and security. When America wants to invade a country they make excuses like terrorists attacks. The US government also said that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, and after 100’s of billions of dollars and over almost 1 million dead we still did not find anything.  All the wars used up all our money so the government started borrowing more money and they do not have money to pay their debt so the debt kept rising until our national debt is over $15,744,500,000,000. What would our country be like if we reinvested that money here in the US? Mr. President, I hope you will consider this and slow down on war and speed up on peace.


Dujanah Mohamed,
9 years old, Beltsville, Maryland

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