Husband and I had problems from day one..... it been 10 years now I keep trying but I reach a point in my life that I not going to let anything pass no more ........ THIS IS WHAT DID HAPPEN BEFORE (1) I got pregnant at age of 19 he did not wanted the baby and I when I told him I was pregnant...........never saw him or get a phone call. I went true 9 months by myself with no help after the baby was born one week after I call him and told him he told me TO FIX MY MIX AND TAKE CARE OF MY.. till about 2day after his family came to visit he started coming once a month to visit family started to frustrated me because I was staying by them and I should married to him knowing he was with someone else I told him not to come and visit because everyone thinks we should get married my baby was 6 months I was finding somewhere to go on till he ask to married me he did not wanted it all after we got married same thing his xs keeps calling leaving an not telling me where he was going I told hismom aabout it she pick up for him on till I had a talk with him about it he did change I had baby #2 things going good it had small problems but I let it pass finally our 3rd child I was still working never did stop we bill up a small home and move in once side from his mom I was happy truly happy ontill he started telling hurtful things like he don't want me that I'm a turn off he dd not want to sleep with me I did not tell his family anything what was going on because they always pick up for himhe started sleeping in the kids room on till I saw his text messages I told about it thinking he will stop it was about 6 different girls I court him texting normal thing denied it all but I know what I saw and what I went true with him I was stress out its like I wanted to kill him no lies there I tell his mom again same thing she pick up ... I call the imam and told him what was going on and I really wanted a divorce he ask to speak 2 of us and my husband didn't wanted to talk to nobody and he say I can't make him so I call the imam and told him so there was nothing more I filled for divorce and waiting 4 know ....... I call and they told me I have wait again..........I just want it over ... We have 3 children and we agree to do everything for them there was no love from the start