Ceazar Restaurant

Restaurant Review



The Persian Ceazar Restaurant is the sister-business to award winning “Howard County’s Best Middle Eastern Grocery” store and halal butcher, which moved to Elkridge recently after 13 years in Columbia by the name “Sizars”. Now, the “Ceazar” Restaurant sits next to the Ceazar International Market. One wouldn’t normally pass this location but it is very easy to reach off Route 1 just two blocks South of Route 100 and less than two miles from I-95.

Ceazar is a beautifully maintained restaurant, organized, notably clean, and decorated with beautiful floral arrangements, crystal lamps, exposed brick carry out counter reveals the Doner (Shwarma/Gyro) meats on the grill, and wooden tables. The staff greeted us with a very warm welcome and made menu suggestions to help us order.  We started with Kashko Bademjan (Roasted Eggplant Dip) which was served with pita bread and yogurt cucumber sauce, and the Samose. Both were delicately seasoned in Persian spices, nothing overbearing and yet very delicious. Food is served on contemporary ceramic plates, with stainless steel utensils, and real glassware… Ceazar is not a quick stop kabab shop, even though they offer “take out” service, when you dine-in it is for the full service experience.

Our entrees were served just as we were finishing our appetizers, Grilled Salmon Filet and Joojeh Kabab. We selected the herbed rice with the Salmon which was worth the few extra dollars, as the fresh dill and other seasoning were a great compliment to the char-grilled Salmon cooked to perfection so that the outside was nicely charred and seasoned while the inside still tender and moist.  The Joojeh Kabab is grilled chicken meat, marinated in a tangy flavor and served on rice or salad, so we selected salad to balance the rice we chose with our Salmon. Again, the kabab chicken was nicely charred yet still tender and flavorful, with a beautiful golden yellow color.

Staff at Ceazar are of the nicest people, very kind, helpful and attentive service.  During our meal we were given a complimentary sample of their Doner (shwarma) meat, for dessert we were given complimentary Baklawa, and throughout our meal we were visited regularly to see how we were doing, refill our beverages and the likes.

For dessert we took the suggestion to try the Persian Rose Ice Cream, and also the warm Nut Katifi, along with the complimentary Baklawa. The ice cream had the delicate blend of rose and creamy butter flavors of hand churned quality. The warm Katifi roll drizzled in a light syrup was crisp on the outside and the nuts still crunched with freshness, and the Baklawa also drizzled in syrup was filled with finely chopped nuts in elegant diamond shapes.

While we spent nearly $50 for our meal including beverages, Ceazar is well priced for the quality of restaurant it is, and still has a great sandwich and lunch menu for smaller budgets and time allowances. Dinner Entrees average about $11.00 and of course we ask that you offer a gratuity at the going rate of 15-20%, expect that you will have leftovers!  Seek out Ceazar and enjoy a top quality meal, with a wide selection of standard menu items to Persian favorites, at reasonable prices. Find this gem and make it a favorite of yours too!


Cuisines: Mediterranean

Address: 6801-D Douglas Legum Drive, Elkridge, MD 21075

Phone: 442-755-9444

Website: www.ceazarrestaurant.com

Hours: Monday-Friday: 10:00am - 8:00pm | Saturday: 10:00am - 7:00pm | Sunday: 11:00am - 4:00pm