Dining Out: O’s Place

Restaurant Review

This month TML dined at the newly re-opened O’s Place. Following some down time after closing another location and even surviving a property fire, O’s waited to find this ideal location for their existing clients, very near the community of ISB and conveniently located on the 2nd floor of Security Mall across from the AMC movie theatre.

Despite having opened only in mid-October, they have already used their substantial restaurant experience and made the new O’s Place a great full service dining experience with all the same great recipes and menu selection also offering carry out, catering and even capabilities for event hosting right there for up to 500 people.

The cuisine includes Indo-Pak and Asian dishes in a buffet setting. As well as a famous Kashmiri “pink tea” which they are apparently the only location in Maryland who serve this, so restaurant patrons are known to drive here from miles and miles just to drink this special concoction.   Additionally, O’s serves a special dessert “Ghor Kechawal” which is a sweet-rice made with a brown sugar, and it’s the same perfected recipe which O’s has had at their previous locations throughout their years in the restaurant business.


At first glance you can tell that O’s is well kept, clean and nicely decorated for a casual dining experience the whole family can enjoy. You are warmly greeted and seated with a welcoming attitude.  Payment is saved for the end of your meal unlike many buffets which make you pay up front, O’s has confidence and trust in their patrons to be satisfied and pay on their way out. They even encourage conscious eating by a sign posted in the restaurant which says “Take What You Want, Eat What You Take. Thank You”.

Among the buffet items is a salad bar, dessert bar, appetizer bar, then an entire bar dedicated to both Indo-Pak entrees and another to Asian entrees. A server brings yoru beverages and freshly made tandoori throughout your stay. The dishes at O’s are all prepared to the best of your expectations for the type of cuisine so that Asian dishes are made with the proper seasoning to taste only like an Asian dish, and Indo-Pak dishes are spiced right for only those flavors to come out, making sure the two are not combined on any dish, they are all true to their ethnicity.

The buffet is maintained regularly to keep warm, fresh and plenty full for your refills. Vegetables are vibrant in color, and you can easily read the labels to identify items you are selecting to enjoy. Also, O’s Place has kept their pricing reasonable, especially for today’s economy, so you can afford to bring the whole family and actually beat the prices of some local competitors while feeding your family halal, healthy, selections. TML recommends you visit your old favorite O’s Place at their new location and if you have never been before, treat yourself to a meal you will want to enjoy again and again after your first experience.


Cusine: Buffet, Chinese & Indo-Pak
Address: 6901 Security Blvd., #3054, Windsor Mill, MD 21244
Phone: (410) 497-9920
Hours: Mon - Sun - 11:00am - 10:00pm