Liquid Earth

Restaurant Review

Sometimes finding a halal place to eat means a limit on selection and frequently not a very healthy option… so why not try vegetarian which is always halal?

That’s what TML did this issue; we went to Baltimore’s Liquid Earth Raw – Vegan – Vegetarian Restaurant & Juice Bar, which serves vegetarian, vegan and raw menu choices. Liquid Earth has been serving local organic product, intelligent nutrition, enzyme rich, whole foods, which are great-tasting and great for you… for 15 years now.

The eclectic menu has selections of raw, vegetarian and vegan options which the owner explained represent his own nutritional journey from growing up in Pennsylvania where they raised and ate their own livestock, to becoming vegetarian and finally to raw eating.  New to TML we asked many questions, and to sum up the idea of raw eating is pretty simple: nothing is cooked.

As an example we ordered “Raw Zucchini Spaghetti” which is long shredded organic zucchini with an incredibly bright tasting red heirloom tomato marinade sauce, topped with fresh organic baby Italian oregano. It was served with a side of sliced, skinned zucchini which was seasoned, the “spaghetti” was topped with a helping of the sauce and 3 “meatless balls” made of an assortment of nut meats and savory seasonings. Part of the “raw” eating theory is that the food should be consumed at the time it is prepared, so that it still maintains the maximum amount of nutritional value. Despite not being a “hot dish” as I have traditionally eaten my  spaghetti, was still very tasty, satisfying and did not leave me hungry, but I looked forward to the leftovers!! The seasoning was so fresh, and the food was laid out like art on my plate, I was only disappointed when watching my food preparation end – I sat next to the preparation counter and saw how it all went together. This was a huge treat.

Not being a vegetarian, I do like my sandwiches with something to stick between my teeth, and so we also ordered the Reuben Sandwich of marinated baked organic tofu on a bed of sauerkraut with melted Yarlsberg cheese and LE’s own 100,000 island dressing on Jewish rye. When ordering, you have the option to ask for your choice to be vegan or vegetarian… and they will  substitute where necessary to accommodate your order.  This sandwich was served warm with a side of shredded cabbage and carrot garnish, and while it may have been missing meat, it wasn’t missing flavor!  The owner explained that he prepares everything in-house, all the items are fresh and handmade, so the Rueben “meat” is seasoned and prepared just like their Philly “Cheese-Fake” meat, and Un-bacon meat from tofu. Normally tofu is not very appetizing to me, how ever in this sandwich I would never have guessed it was tofu.

To compliment the meal, we enjoyed a “Facelifter” fresh drink of honeydew melon, mint, ginger, orange and grapefruit juices. To our pleasure it was not a thick, ugly, gloppy drink, but rather it was a smooth, tasty… a great meal all around. While they do not offer a “kids menu” there are options which will likely please the kids (and any skeptic in the family) such as a bean burrito, tacos, bagel with cheese, Earthburger, Philly cheese-fake sandwich and Hummus.

After speaking with the owner some more it turns out that LE is quite familiar with area Muslims and one year even extended their hours to
accommodate eating schedules during Ramadan.   If you have never enjoyed a vegetarian or ‘raw’ dining before, do yourself a favor and visit Liquid Earth. There is plenty of seating within their restaurant, plus its located near Fells Point harbor if you prefer to take it to go, and enjoy the views of the area.  Besides, nothing compares to having your meal prepared of the most nutritional locally grown ingredients fresh to order…just for you. Liquid Earth may change your ways of eating for a only one meal or for a lifetime, but the nutritional experience should not be missed.


Cuisine: Vegan

Address: 1626 Aliceanna Street, Baltimore, MD 21231

Phone: (410) 276-6606


Hours: Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 7:00pm,  Saturday - Sunday: 11:00am - 7:00pm