Kabob n Karahi

Restaurant Review

For $8.99 the lamb kabob plate is served with a small lettuce & onion salad, chutney, handmade tandoori naan, and side of your choice with an order of chatt samosa. Photo by Muslim Link.
Although Kabob & Karahi is located within a small strip shopping center off of a busy street, once you enter the doors, you quickly leave all that behind and are greeted with a tastefully decorated restaurant of mirrored walls, pictures of food, tiled floors, and modern wooden booths.  To order you approach the counter located in the back of the room, where you can view the selection on the lighted board, or a printed menu. Some of the main dishes and sides are visible at the counter, which helps whet the appetite. There is a standard menu and the daily specials menu all of which are very affordable and competitive in the area. Once you order, take a seat and wait for your number to be called, your food will come out as it becomes ready.

The wait was not long on this Friday evening at prime dinner time, although the restaurant was steadily busy with customers coming to eat or take out their orders. We started with a vegetable samosa and a chaat samosa.  The chaat samosa was seasoned just right with the garnish of chick pea stew, chopped raw onions, diced tomatoes, chopped hot peppers, and yogurt sauce. An excellent starter for this meal.

When the main courses arrived, there was no disappointment…For $8.99 the lamb kabob plate is served with a small lettuce & onion salad, chutney, handmade tandoori naan, and side of your choice, I chose chick pea stew. Many times lamb can be tough to chew, and the seasoning can be overpowered by the flavor of char, not in this case! The lamb was so tender and perfectly seasoned so that the char was only a hint, but the flavor of the meat was what you first recognized. A delicate combination of spices gave the meat a great flavor with a sour hint. Chick Pea Stew is a long time favorite, and this one was excellent… not too spicy yet you can taste the chili in it, even people who don’t crave hot food would still enjoy this stew. This dish is plenty of food for one person and to possibly have a little leftover.

Chicken Biryani is one of the Friday Specials, which came with a small side of salad, chutney, and another side of choice for $7.99. We selected the meatball in sauce which was a pleasant flavorful seasoning, not too hot for most pallets. This Biryani had the right combination of spice vs. rice flavor, so that the rice flaked apart, but the seasoning was still clearly present. The chicken pulled easily off the bone, and held the seasonings in every bite. Definitely morev than one person needs to eat – besides you will want to save room for dessert and take some of this home!

We finished our meal with Kheer, and had to share one since the meal had filled us. This rice pudding included both nuts and raisins, and they used a thick heavy milk cream which made the kheer very rich and creamy, but not overpoweringly sweet.  Appetizers, Drinks, Meals and Dessert for two totaled $28.31 including tax.  Our meal came from a great selection of menu items & quality ingredients, the wait was not long, the venue was clean and well decorated, and the service was attentive. TML recommends you give your business to Kabob n Karahi next time you want to eat out, and make it one of you reliable places to return.


Cuisines: Indo-Pak

Address: 15521 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20905

Phone: 301-879-0044

Website: www.kabobnkarahi.com

Hours: Monday - Thursday & Sunday: 11:00am - 12:00 am (midnight), Friday - Saturday: 11:00am - 1:00am