Thank you for bringing up this point. But I wish you did a little more investigative reporting about the Medjool dates. The title of the article seems to imply you're about to expose a network of Medjool growers, suppliers and sellers. But you only passingly talked about it then went on a tangent about the BDS movement, Israeli injustices etc. I suggest you redo the article with more focus on the issue of Medjool dates coming from Israel. Are there any of those dates being sold in the US? Are the dates that say "grown in California" really grown in California? Have you researched those companies and called their offices to find the exact location of where they're grown? There are websites which expose the companies that are selling Medjool dates in the UK. I'm sure they can give you some leads and ideas how to pursue this story here in America. I'm just offering you sincere advice because I appreciate your work and want to see you produce the best work. Can you do a follow up article focusing just on Medjool dates? I can send you the websites if you want (this online form does not allow me to include URLs). If not now then maybe prep yourself to do a better job for next years Ramadan. Jazakum Allah khair.