Thanks for the above article on our Uighur brothers and sisters in China. I would also like to see an article on our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Gaza, ASAP. Ma Shaa Allah, I have never seen Muslims like the Palestinians of Gaza. Never. What is this faith? The man's house is blown to rubble. The Al-Jazeera Arabic reporter asks him, "So, are you going to come back after all this is over and rebuild your house?" The guy replies, "The Israelis bomb it, I'll come back and rebuild my house. They bomb it again, I'll come back and rebuild my house again. They bomb it one hundred times, I'll rebuild my house 100 times. I'm not leaving!" A woman loses everything: her husband, children, house, everything. What does she say to the Al-Jazeera reporter? "Bring 'em on!" What is this faith? These people are fasting, no water, no electricity. Thousands and thousands of tons of explosives, white phosphorus, maybe even napalm, raining down, and they are showing this determination? What is this in their hearts? The anchor at CNN just couldn't understand it. He was baffled. How can a human being have so much spirit? Normal humans would crumble and submit. These Gaza Arabs are a very special people. Allah has put them there as OUR vanguard. It is our responsibility to help our vanguard. Nothing keeps the Zionist terrorists from us except our vanguard.