Weather for Summerfest 2012 Looks Cool, New Carnival Competitions Look Cooler

Community News


Baltimore's Summerfest is a great way to heat up the summer fun, but organizers of the annual carnival would rather promote it as a “cool” event.


Held at and organized by the Islamic Society of Baltimore in partnership with the ISB Youth Group, the outdoor carnival's attendance is directly affected by the summer temperature. Last year, about 2,000 people attended, a full 1,000 less than expected, due to a 100-degree heat wave.


Just a week before this year's July 14 event, the region is once again gripped in a stifling heat wave with record setting temperatures up to 105 degrees. However, according to, the forecast on July 14 in the Baltimore area looks like what organizers are hoping for – 89 degrees and cloudy.


“We are inviting every Muslim and Non-Muslim from all over the area to come out and join the fun,” said Hasan Hammad, one of the main organizers and an ISB council member.


Some of the highlights at this year's event will be A Call of Duty MW3, Halo, Madden, and Mario Party Tournament with up to 16 people at once in a “Very Cool Portable Air Conditioned Gaming Mobile”, a massive five hundred person water balloon fight, an 18 person Wrecking Ball Ride, a 9-on-9 Ultimate Volleyball Contest, and famous food vendors such as Qing Zheng (Halal Chinese), the Halal Gyro Cart, and Flippin Pizzas.


As in previous years, the Summerfest bazaar will be opened in the air conditioned ISB gymnasium. Over 70 vendors will cater to Ramadan and Eid shoppers.



More information about the event can be found at including how to purchase tickets and vending opportunities. Event sponsors include Helping Hands Relief USA, Pizza 786, Dashuran Inc, Amana Mutual Funds, Azzad Asset Management, Islamic Relief USA and the Muslim Link newspaper.