Dear author, I wish you offered some useful analysis for readers. Lets be honest. Syria is a prize that is being fought for by al-Qaeda types who are being trained in/by Turkey, funded and armed by Saudi and Qatar, all of whom are being managed and ultimately controlled by the United States. Unfortunately, I think that neither Assad nor these other parties has the interest and freedoms of the people of Syria in mind. Why would you make or even repeat the ridiculous request of our government to "help" the Syrian people? Is your memory span half a second? Our government (US) directly or indirectly kills Musllims left and right in Somalia, Yemen, Palestine, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Phillipines, Pakistan, Iraq and now Syria. Our government or its proxies has killed tens of millions and yet you think it will "help" the people of Syria? Are you that clueless or are you knowingly participating in US government's imperialst strategies? Shame on Muslim Link for publishing such nonsense. You have a responsibility to Allah swt and your readers to enlighten, not spread propaganda for an imperialist shaytani power. For more useful analysis on the horrible situation in Syria, go to youtube and search "Pt.3 Who Supports Assad in Syria?"