MCC Medical Clinic Inaugurates Newly Expanded Facilities

Community News

Montgomery County Executive, Mr. Ike Legget, in the presence of Montgomery County Council Members Nancy Floreen and Hans Riemer performed the ribbon cutting ceremony of MCC Medical Clinic’s recently renovated facilities on Friday, February 15, 2013.

Dr. Tahoora Khawaja, chair of MCC's medical board was the master of ceremony at the reception that followed. She has been with the clinic from the beginning; her passion lies in helping the truly needy who have no place else to go. She acknowledged the hard work of  Mr. Rub, Rahman Construction, Dr. Azad, Dr. Chughtai and many others old and new supporters."The clinic is your clinic, please continue to help it grow," said Dr. Khawaja to a crowd of well wishers including representatives from Montgomery Cares and Primary Care Coalition.

"This is a wonderful day," said County Executive Ike Legget, "for the 80,000 who do not have health insurance in Montgomery County, that go to bed hungry and do not have proper care. This is a day for you to reflect on your values and contribution to the community as people who care for our community; we should replicate in this in every community, even everywhere in the nation. We made a difference today and we should take pride in it."

Recently, MCC Medical Clinic was featured on the list of 100 Health Care Organizations to Watch in 2013 that was published by, a website dedicated to educational programs in Health Administration. "As followers of health care trends and news, especially in the education sector, we are aware that the medical industry is going through some tough transitions to accommodate a growing elderly population, new technology, and rapid innovation. We built this list to acknowledge some health care organizations that are handling the changes with grace, and to show our readership what it looks like when health care companies get it right," said Jackie Caplan of MHA programs in an email.