Qur'an Programs Highlighted At First Maryum Islamic Center Fundraiser

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On Saturday, June 8, 2013, one of Maryland's newest Islamic centers -- the Maryum  Islamic Center in Ellicot City, Maryland -- held its first fundraiser with an attendance of around 100 guests.

The center, renting the second floor of  an office building, formed about one year ago and is led by Imam Mahmoud Abdel-Hady, a long time teacher and former Imam of Dar Al-Taqwa.

Chairman of the Board Azim Salehi explained the history and vision of Maryum Center at the dinner, saying the center's focus in on education and outreach to the public.

The center aims to share the message of Islam with 10,000 families in Howard County through mailings, weekly sessions at the center, meetings at public libraries, and other avenues like billboards.



Bottom, Hafiz Muhammad Ishaq and top, young sisters from the IQRA program sing a nasheed. Photo by TML.



Salehi also said Maryum Islamic Center's goals include forming a think tank to address issues particular to American Muslims, and to establish a library and media center.

A particular focus for the evening was the IQRA progam which attracts students from around the area who want to establish a relationship with the Qur'an.

IQRA -- the Institute of Qur'an Recitation and Application -- is led by Hafiz Muhammad Ishaq and has mostly yougn teachers who can relate well with students. 

IQRA students were the highlight of the evening as they opened the program with recitation of the Qur'an and sang anasheed.

Hafiz Muhammad Ishaq said IQRA aims to produce graduates who will continue to spread the proper recitation, memorization, and application of the Qur'an throughout the region.

Imam Mahmoud gives regular lectures at the center, including a course to learn the Arabic language.

Visit www.maryumcenter.com to learn more.