DC Area Film Makers Join Forces On 3D Movie

Community News
Two local Muslim artists with similar goals are collaborating to direct and produce the first 3D Film with an Islamic theme in the DC Area.

Ajmal Pictures Film Production Co., and
HIPURductions LLC both based in Silver Spring,  are working in partnership to script, compose, direct, and produce a short film called Leap of Faith.

The 15-20 minute action drama is about building courage financially, physically, and emotionally.  The movie is about a young man with acrophobia who tries to overcome his fear of heights.

“I want people to walk away from it learning,” said Harris Tobing, co-founder and director of Ajmal Pictures Film Production Co.  “When my audiences tell me the film has made a difference in their life that is enough for me.”

Having a background in architecture, film, and television, Tobing said it is important for Muslims to be storytellers in order to break the barriers of stereotyping.  “We can’t have all doctors and engineers.  Nobody is speaking for the Muslims, bottom line.  This is why I’m doing it,” he added.  

Tobing of Ajmal and Rami Santrisi, co-founder and managing partner of Hipurductions said they want to leave affirmative imprints on people’s lives through this film  Without getting too much into the plot of the film, they excitedly said the people will enjoy the high definition quality and “lots of action.”

“I wanted to leave the biggest impact I can on humanity. I realize media is the biggest influence in people’s life in today’s society.  This type of entertainment will make a difference in people’s lives,” said Santrisi.

The producers are in the process of editing the scenes and completing final touchups.  They utilized a crew of nineteen members who covered roles such as actors, script writer, fund raiser, film director, producer, budgeter, scheduler, technician, and several other roles needed for the film’s production. 

Santrisi said the movie will end up at film screenings and major film festivals.  The producers hope Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) will air the film in July during its annual film festival. 

Tobing said it takes several thousand dollars to put together a professional 3D film like Leap of Faith.  Comparing this movie to AVATAR, a mainstream 3D movie costing millions of dollars, both companies said they rely heavily on their viewers to meet the films extremely modest $10,000 budget. Hipurductions director said their biggest investors are executive producers of companies who support the company’s mission by donating.

One way area Muslims can help is by supporting their films, and encouraging people with film skills to join their team. 

“We are hoping to provide Islamic platform for individuals interested in film making,” added Santrisi.

Tobing said Muslims should not be downloading these clips for free, but actually paying for it because that is the best way viewers can support the project.  “We are trying to provide clean halal entertainment with a positive message,” he added.

“I hope [viewers] will enjoy this action-filled entertainment film with a small subtle Islamic message,” said Santrisi.

According to the website, Ajmal Productions means “beautiful pictures.”  The company is focused on producing cinematic visuals and values-based storytelling films for entertainment and education. 

Similarly, Santrisi said Hipurductions Productions was founded with the vision to “
Aspiring to a Higher Purpose.”  All of the company’s films are based on the ICE (Islamically Clean Entertainment ) principle.  Hipurductions donates fifty percent of its proceeds to charities.

For more information, visit www.ajmalpictures.com  and www.hipurductions.com.