Assalamu aleikum i am not a maryland citizen but this is moral and national issue and i will admit that i have not read the text of this law it appears to define marriage as a union between one man and one women by supporting this law muslims are supporting a definition of marriage that is not consistent with Islamic principles of marriage that allow a man to marry more than one woman. one might say that this option is not legal in the US. However individual muslims have chosen to follow this law as residents of the US but we have never been asked to collectively vote against our own teachings and beliefs. Muslims would be acknowledging that our rules of marriage that have been given by the Prophet pbuh and Allah swt are defective. As muslim citizens of this country under assault and at risk of losing our own liberty i think we should promote an interpretation of the bill of rights and constitution that is consistent with protecting minorities in all forms (however undesirable) lest we become the victims of similar discrimination.