MCC Hopes for Ramadan Expansion Ground Breaking

Community News


On Saturday, April 21, the Muslim Community Center (MCC) in Silver Spring, Maryland held a fundraising dinner for its masjid extension project, an $800,000 addition which will connect the masjid and the main building.

Attendance was lower than normal due to a wedding being held in the area which many regular donors attended; organizers are confident those donors will send in their contributions in the coming days.

Fundraising chair and board member Mansoor Mohiuddin said the goal for the evening was $100,000 and about $60,000 was collected. Going into the dinner, about $250,000 was needed to reach the $800,000 mark. Imam Johari Abdul-Malik conducted the fundraising.

Building permits have already been submitted to Montgomery County, said Mohiuddin. MCC plans on having a ground breaking in early August of this year. Some portion of the sister’s prayer area will be off limits during construction, said Mohiuddin. A large tent will be set-up outside for Ramadan prayers due to the construction. The architect for the project is Montgomery County Muslim Haytham Younis.

The expansion will add 5000 square feet of total space, 700 additional square feet of sisters praying area, a separate bathroom and wudu facilities for brothers and sisters on the main level, and 2000 square feet of school space to be used for 5-6 classrooms.

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