David Sirota's article is excellent and puts the current climate of anti-Muslim bigotry in a historical context. In American 80's pop culture we can witness America struggling with its past (movies about going back to Vietnam) while simultaneously defeating imaginary villains seen as the new threat (Russians, Arabs, Muslims, etc). At the end of the cold war the Russians were no longer the bad guys so the obvious default was Muslims and Middle Easterners. The broader message was that ANYTHING foreign was potentially dangerous. As the author points out even in the 90's giving a movie villain an accent was all that was needed to make him seem legitimate. This xenophobia has deep roots in American pop culture dating back to the turn of the century when the Irish were often characterized as burglars, crooks and murderers in popular children's books. Newspapers even frequently drew the Irish with ape-like qualities. Stretching back even further we find that popular American literature often used Africans Americans as villains in story lines. Thanks to articles like David Sirotas we can see a clear trend in American popular culture that we must bring attention to.