Muslim Leaders to Gather with Lawyers to Safeguard Masajid, Orgs

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Muslim Legal Fund of America’s Muslim Nonprofit Leadership Conference explores current challenges faced by Muslim communities and organizations


[Photo: MLFA Executive Director Khalil Meek addresses attendees at the October 2016 conference in Dallas, Texas.]

Muslim leaders including masjid board members and imams from Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC are gathering on Saturday, May 13, 2017 at the Diyanet Center of America to listen to presentations aimed at helping them successfully navigate the increasingly complicated legal landscape affecting Muslims in America at the Muslim Legal Fund of America’s (MLFA) Muslim Nonprofit Leadership Conference.

The goal of the conference is to deliver practical information about laws impacting mosques and other Muslim nonprofit organizations, as well as the imams, board members, staff and attorneys who serve them.

“Whether it’s the Muslim ban, immigration delays, watchlists or new banking regulations, American Muslim community leaders currently face numerous legal and social challenges,” said Khalil Meek, MLFA’s executive director and one of the conference presenters. “Understanding these challenges is the first step in safeguarding the organizations they lead and the communities they serve.”

In addition to Meek, attendees will hear presentations from Charles Swift, director and counsel at Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America (CLCMA), Shari Crittendon, senior corporate counsel at CLCMA, Leo Yu, research fellow at CLCMA and Dalia Mogahed, director of research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU).

Swift will cover topics such as government regulations and their impact on nonprofits while Crittendon will talk about compliance and risk management. Leo Yu will give presentations about hate speech, protests and LGBT issues for religious organizations. Mogahed will share findings from ISPU’s study on how to make mosques more accessible as part of its “Reimagining Muslims Spaces” project.

Other session topics include IRS requirements, fundraising rules, travel ban issues, anti-Muslim immigration tactics and more.

This event is the fourth in MLFA’s series of 15 regional conferences in major cities throughout the nation. The conferences are designed to deliver valuable information on legal and social issues facing the Muslim community. The next conference will be held on May 20 in Cincinnati.

“Muslims and their organizations are facing unprecedented scrutiny as a result of the growing Islamophobia in America,” said Meek. “Knowing what questions to ask, how to find answers and how to remedy issues is a crucial step to maintaining healthy organizations that make positive contributions to society.”

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