WIA Young Leaders Raise $1K for Shelter

Community News

The Young Leaders Class (YLC) at Washington International Academy (WIA), Alexandria, VA is a class of 8 middle school boys who raised $1,000 in just a week by selling hotdogs and doing a car wash to provide the venue for the Muslimat Al Nisaa Shelter,“No Sister Turned Away,” fundraiser this past October 7, 2017.


As part of the YLC boys’ leadership development, they had a few moments on stage to present their drive to support the shelter and the avenue they took to raise the funds.  Dr. Michael Matthew, assistant principal and YLC instructor, introduced each young leader as they delivered their presentation. In the closing remarks, seventh grader Haytham Hlioui reminded the audience of our individual and social responsibility as an ummah to recognize the value of sadaqah. What one receives is far greater than what is given. Keynote speaker, Imam Khalid Latif, commended the young leaders on taking an active role where they saw a need in our community. To continue this effort, please visit https://www.gofundme.com/muslimatalnisaa2. If you have a community project and would like YLC’s helping hand or you would like information on other programs offered at WIA, visit www.wiacademy.org, or call (703) 941 6977. [Source: Washington International Academy]